Douglas Teiger, Biography


Douglas Teiger, a practicing architect, began his art career in 1982 with an exhibit of architectural renderings at the Urban Center of New York City. His 9’ by 4’ airbrush depiction of the San Diego Convention along with other renderings were part of the Musee Des Arts in Montreal, the London Gallery in Ontario and the Vancouver Art Gallery in British Columbia. Recently, Douglas Teiger has been producing both figurative and abstract paintings at the Santa Monica Fine Arts Studio.


Douglas Teiger grew up in Northern New Jersey attending Cornell University School of Architecture receiving a BArch and a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica.  His early art career placed many large canvases up to 8’ x 8’ in residential lofts where he was also the architect.   His art covers several media including, sculpture, furniture and painting.


Douglas paints with a sense of joy as well as a sense of serenity.   His images come forward through meditation and inspiration. He co-creates with spirit transferring the energy through paint to the canvas. The dance has begun and what you see before you is a result of that relationship.


His current series is bucking the trend of reactionary art by evoking a spiritual sense of peace and tranquility. His paintings tell a story of the authentic self at the center of each of us, covered by the layers of life. Through the interaction of color, Douglas creates emotional landscapes infused with hidden angels. He draws the viewer into his work by weaving colors together portraying a fabric-like quality with paint. In his words, “I want to come home at the end of the day and feel spiritually uplifted by the artwork I see in my home.”